Andrew McNicol



The story so far ... 

I started choreographing and creating shows as a young child well before I knew what choreography was. I would build sets out of old wood in the garage, create dances, select music, throw together costumes and entice my family to watch.

I had fallen in love with the theatre and everything that was involved in making that happen. It was really a time of ignorant bliss, where my only reference point was my imagination. It was only later I saw and performed in an actual ballet for the first time. I felt as though I had discovered a secrete and curious world. Ever since I still find myself craving more.

This desire lead me to leave home to go to the Royal Ballet School where they had the resources to really nurture ambitions. During my time there I began to use choreography as a way to feel like I was breaking some rules and find a sense of freedom to balance out the intensity of the strict ballet training. Some early success winning the Kenneth MacMillian Choreographic Competition inspired the confidence to do more.

Though I had gone away to become a great dancer I really found myself wanting and feeling as a choreographer. I will always remember during an audition abroad the ballet mistress approached me wondering if I was a choreographer or dancer.

On my CV I had inadvertently represented myself as a choreographer. In that moment, I realised that what I really wanted to do was to choreograph and so my decision was made early on. Once I realised that it was even a possibility to choreograph for a living, I decided that I would build my life around creating and collaborating with others.

The precious moments when something is created out of nothing, the dialogue in the studio, to see the transformation when everything comes together, that is where I get my highs more so than ever performing myself on stage.

Along the way I have had the greatest fortune to meet some incredibly inspiring people who have shared knowledge, supported and graciously mentored me at pivotal times in my life. Guiding and empowering me to become more of myself.

I realise now that the creativity involved in managing a livelihood to be able to choreograph requires a level of innovation that one strives to relentlessly achieve in the studio. In that sense, my understanding of what it means to be a choreographer has become much broader than before. It’s a way of looking at the world, expressing feelings beyond the limitations of words and for me still a way to find a sense of freedom and adrenaline.

The decision to become a choreographer was a dream. Even early on it represented a determination to build my life around doing the thing I loved the most. To do something where time just seems to evaporate, hours become minutes, minutes feel like seconds, to be in that space is one of the greatest experience I know. With every new creation this dream feels more and more real and that’s why I continued to create and called myself a choreographer. 

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